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This is the official subreddit for all things HatFilms!

Please check out their forums, YouTube Channel, and AMA!

Please follow the guidelines of the subreddit.

  • Content must be HatFilms related. Please refrain from posting look-alike pictures, pictures of walruses or other such things that require little effort to "create" and post. Fan art, photoshops and anything with a moderate or above amount of effort are fine.
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  • Treat each other with respect.
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  • Do not post current (less then 2 months old) videos from the channel.)
  • Please credit the artist creator in the TITLE and then link to the creators page in the comments.
  • Moderator discretion will be used in all cases, and Moderators reserve the right to handle things not covered by these rules on a case by case basis.

Before posting, consider if your post belongs more in the following subreddits:

/r/feedthebeast - For posts related to the Feed the Beast modpack, including any technical support.

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/r/minecraft - For general minecraft posts.

The Various GTA 5 Subreddits, for trials posts.

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No YouTube Posts

Use spoiler tags to not spoil things. Trott Smells. Would be

[Trott Smells](/spoiler)

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