Cellcosmet cellular eye contour cream

I began using this product 7 months ago around my left eye, and Neostrata eye contour firming cream around my right eye. Not expecting miracles, especially at my age, for the price of Cellcosmet, I was expecting to see at least a tiny bit of a difference, but no! If anything, my right eye area might even look a tiny bit better.

The scent was somewhat powdery rose when initially applied, but I could not smell it after a few minutes. I did not experience milia or any other bumps, which often happens to me. I did find the texture nice, and it did not cause my eye makeup to run or anything.

I would not purchase this product again because the price is just beyond crazy, and there were no results that I could see. After I finish using what is left, I will start experimenting with another product to go up against Neostrata!

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